Remedial Hypnosis

Do you have sometimes feel a bit lost? Experiencing worries? phobias or anxiety?

OWThe CONTROL system is a direct, hands on approach that creates positive changes in the way you think, act and feel.

By directly communicating with the subconscious part of the mind the CONTROL system allows you to make positive, permanent changes and regain control of how you live and feel.

The CONTROL System is the creation of Remedial Hypnotist Tim Box. The CONTROL System can help you to remove the barriers or limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from being the best version of you. Empowering you to leave behind the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour you no longer want to have.

The CONTROL system begins with a complimentary consultation to help you understand how your own mind works. The majority of people have no idea how their minds work and so can’t imagine a way to change how they are now.

Although we are all are born 100% confident, we often develop patterns of thought that are unhealthy, unhelpful and stopping us from taking the next step forward.

If you’re unsure if the CONTROL system is right for you, here is a brief list of just some of the things I can work with.

Addiction Grief Public Speaking
Anxiety Guilt Relationship Issues
Birth Trauma Headaches Self Esteem
Burnout I.B.S Self Harm
Career Changes Irrational Thoughts Self Sabotage
Childhood Trauma Memory Sleep Issues
Confidence Motivation Smoking
Eating Disorders Nail Biting Social Anxiety
Fear of Flying Night Terrors Sports Performance
Fears & Phobias Pain Relief Trauma Recovery
Gambling PTSD Weight Management

If you can’t see the issue you would like to change on here but you would like to know if the CONTROL system could help you, contact me via the comment form below or via the details on the contact page.

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