One day workshops!

Conquer that mountain. Stand Tall and Be free and in Control.

Imagine if you could start getting on with those projects you need to finish? To stop having those intrusive and negative thoughts? Imagine even getting on that plane finally without any worry? Letting go of that fear or phobia?

Do you want to learn the tools to empower yourself and regain control over your thoughts, habits and actions??

The Control System is an incredible, quick and direct method to change. We spend the day teaching you how the system works and how you can continue to see the permanent changes you have made and how to make even more changes in your life every day after.

ONE Day Workshops are now available in Maidstone & Whitstable.


Sunday 13th October -Maidstone, Kent

Saturday 2nd November- Whitstable, Kent

Including lunch.

Along with another wonderful Presenter Tracey from the incredible MOTH therapies we run a full day course including:

  • How the mind works
  • Learn how & why you have formed these old patterns
  • Experience hypnosis techniques
  • Learn the tools to keep making permanent changes in your life
  • Learn & support other members of the group to make their changes
  • Learn how much change you are capable of.

“I recently attended a Control workshop run by Rebecca and Tracey. I was amazed (but also I’m totally honest, at the time, slightly unnerved) at how quickly my anxiety linked to driving changed there and then in the classroom. No matter how I tried, I could not recreate those awful feelings, the heart palpitations and sweaty hands I used to have merely at the thought of driving without weeks of planning/practise runs/stress. 

So the next step was to test this outside of the classroom. And it worked, a week later I drove to Canterbury without knowing the journey. I was calm, no sweaty palms, no racing heart and actually found it a good experience??!!! I am so impressed that with the belief and desire to make a change; the control system gives you the tools to finally make it happen.” H, June 2019


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