“I came to Rebecca with a negative thought pattern on how I perceived myself. After the first session I began to re-evaluate certain situations and after the third session I can definitely say I conduct myself better, have more self worth and self respect. I’m still not sure on how it work but it does. I regularly check in with my crew and reaffirm everything. I would recommend this process to anyone who needs help with anxiety or negative thought processes. Thank you Rebecca”

“Rebecca helped me make some huge changes in my life. I was on a very steep spiral into anxiety & depression & she gave me the tools to save myself. I still use the techniques when I start to struggle and find them incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping me at my lowest point. I will be forever grateful to you”

“Fantastic treatment, I found it so helpful with how I was feeling at the time. I was sceptical at first but Rebecca was very understanding and kind in her approach. I still use the techniques she taught me and can’t thank her enough for her help.”

“Before coming to Rebecca I suffered a lot with worry and anxiety. I came out in an itchy rash all over my body and the doctors couldn’t work out what it was. I went to Rebecca and she worked on my subconscious and we made progress. I now look at things that I once got very stressed about very differently. Thank you Rebecca”

“Awesome. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from anxiety, anger or addiction to see Rebecca at Regain Control. So easy to talk to and helped me deal with all of the above in a relaxed positive way. I’m so grateful. Thanks Rebecca xoxo”

“Amazing treatment! Unlike any therapy Ive had before but by far one of the most effective. Rebecca is so professional and I felt completely at ease discussing personal things with her. Would highly recommend.”

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