How to make a Vision Board

I can get really overwhelmed when there’s so much going on, even when it’s all positive stuff.

This is where a vision board can be a place to consolidate your thoughts. A vision board is somewhere to put all of your goals, ideas, plans, dreams or achievements to keep you motivated, on track or simply to remind you that you can attract and have the things you want. As endorsed previously by Oprah herself

So here we go…. First of all there are NO rules but I have a few guidelines to help you.

All the things you will need to start:

  1. Decide if you are going to make one or many. Some people like to have one for “personal” one for “career” or “finances”. For me, I prefer one that I split into sections.

If we dwell too much on one vision, we can end up getting swallowed whole and losing focus. Our lives are made up of lots of aspects! But the point is work how your brain works best.

  1. Get a board- this can be pin board, cork board, cardboard, brightly coloured card, white board, magnetic…even an ironing board if you’re feeling that inventive! This is your board!
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3. Pins, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Pens, Paints, Stickers anything extra you want to see.

4.What do you want? What do you value? What do you need? How do you want to feel? These questions can help structure your board!

5. Magazines to cut out images and quotes. Choose words and quotes that make you feel good. (Please don’t use airbrushed pictures- they do not make us feel good)

6. Stuff you want to look at everyday- photos, quotes, places you want to go, events. Anything that will inspire you.

7. Now you need to create some space, find some time- give yourself a couple of hours and pick some space you feel comfortable in- candles, good tunes, nibbles, incense etc.

8.Work how you work best. For some that will be alone or you can do this with friends or family- even throw a Vision party to create them together. But remember all our visions are different and can’t be compared! Some might have dreams of earning six figures in 6 months, for others it could be to make their own spaghetti. To each our own.

9. Then get your pictures, postcards, quotes and craft bits ready and lets get creating!

When you’ve finished read the words out loud and reaffirm each section, dream, idea to yourself maybe start with “I will be…..” or “ I am….”. While doing this practise how you want to feel when these things are real. Stand up tall, feel light, feel strong, powerful, healthier, richer, whatever it is you wish for.  

Now take time to look at it.

Leave it in a room that you go in at least once a day. For example Mine’s hung up in my kitchen!  



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