“insert diagnosis here” is not my name

This week alone I have heard a lot people say “my back pain” “my anxiety” “my depression” “insert name here’s disease”.

I am guilty of this myself and only from becoming more aware of how important and prophecy fulfilling our words are have I come to the conclusion.


most importantly, IT IS NOT YOU.

It’s not your name. It is not who you are.

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Can you imagine a world where we didn’t have the lovely unique name we have? I appreciate Rebecca is a common name, there were always at least 3 of us in my class at school. But it’s my version of what Rebecca means!

So instead imagine we start introducing ourselves as “Hello, I am my inner most fears, my pain caused from gardening, my job that I don’t enjoy so it makes me sad and physically unwell, I am my constant worry that i’m not good enough” and all of the others that we are maybe not even aware of!

The world would be a different place right?

Remember that great things have happened before this came along. Sometimes we forget this when we are faced with a challenge.

By owning and personalising things we don’t wish to be associated with it depletes our resources and our energy to function. Once our resources are reducing we are more perceptive to pain, worry, stress, depression!

If you give something energy,it will live. This sounds really positive doesn’t it?

But we can also provide energy for negativity so it lives. When we’ve been shown or told more negativity, why would we believe anything else? So it makes sense that we do this, our parents had their “knee pain” or they were a labelled “worrier” or had their “moments”.

This is distracting our focus away from what we want. How we want to feel and what we want to do.

So what to do instead? 

 Acknowledge that you are nobody but YOU. You are in control of you, that is all we can be in control of. Our thoughts, our actions, our feelings.

They aren’t just going to magically disappear, we still need to process them but we can clear these feelings from our mind. Observe those feelings but don’t let them take control.

Look at what are the things you would like to introduce yourself as instead. As humans we have so many facets to us!

But lets come at this from the other side!

If you change the way you speak about yourself it can really improve the way you see yourself, the way you feel and the way you act in response.

If we were defined by everything that had ever happened or everything we had ever felt, our names would get really long!

Now take a nice deep breath in, breathe out and focus on letting some of it go. Deep breathe in and on the out breath imagine the weight of those feelings leaving you.

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