9 Tips to help with anxiety triggers

My 9 tips to try to help cut down and get rid the triggers around you:

  1. Cut down on screen time- phones, laptops, Ipads, TV.
  2.  Get outside! Fresh air, vitamin D get us breathing better and clears our head.
  3.  Breathe– Deep breaths in and out. Counting to 4 as you go.
  4. Letting go of negativity and all the questions we can’t  and don’t need to answer. This thing I can’t stop thinking about- am I going to face it or am I going to let it go?
  5. Plan– write lists, write letters you wont send, get it out of your head.
  6. Remember you do not have to carry others problems or negative energy. We can be supportive, while guarding our own.
  7. Grounding is a skill worth putting time into- E.g. Sit up, close your eyes, feet firmly on the floor, imagine tree roots coming out of your feet, imagine them earthing into the ground!
  8. Sleep– Clean up your sleep routine! Give yourself time to wind down before sleep, allow yourself enough time to wake up in the morning.
  9. Clear your sleep space, de-clutter if needed! There are even people to declutter for you! (Hallelujah!)


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