Why am I still awake?

Are you still counting sheep?

1,2,3…..oh crap! i didn’t send that email. 1,2,3,4….Did I lock the door?…..1,2,3….did the cat go out? eeek. get up check everything. even the doors and the cat I don’t have!

Sleep is the most important job we do every day. It is vital for the jobs we are paid to do and the ones we choose to do! In short: we are only as good as our last sleep!

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So its quality over everything!

Often we have one of 3 types of sleep behaviour:

  1. I can’t fall asleep
  2. I can’t stay asleep
  3. The sleep I get is rubbish.

Any of these sound familiar?

Is your mind just whirring? or are you avoiding sleep? worried dreaming badly? All of these thoughts can even happen while we are asleep.

We become more “subconscious than conscious” while we are falling asleep. This is why we suddenly become aware of “that embarrassing thing that happened when you were 9” or “that thing you wish you hadn’t ever said” on many occasions.

These thoughts start to creep in!

Often these issues happen when our minds are exhausted. Your mind and the rest of you is running on Adrenalin!

Imagine there are lots of  people or parts in “an office” charge of each of these thoughts whirring around, would you be expected to work past your bedtime?? (If you are, you’re work hours are unhealthy, or I hope you work nights!)


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Lets send them home, send them to bed! If we are pushed to work and work and work we get worn down, this reduces our resources and we become more sensitive to everything. Our tolerances go down- we become more aware of pain, negative emotions and worries we may never have acknowledged before.

So each night, try it. When you lay in bed, send those office workers home and turn the lights out.

There is another part of our brain you can rely on to wake you if you need to be woken.

So give it a try!

Practise this visualisation, Relax and re-learn to enjoy the snooze!

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