When’s the last time you said these 3 words?


No like, really like myself! 

I have found myself thinking and worrying about if everyone else likes me pretty much my whole life. I’ve rarely even contemplated whether I even like the other people let alone thinking about myself.

Learning to like myself has included lots of attempts of learning who I am. While studying to be an Osteopath, that showed me how I related to my body, its injuries and experiences (including a few sports injuries and illnesses along the way!). This was amazing to learn and be aware of how I relate and engage with my body.

Working with clients taught me how much other people do for themselves e.g. nail appointments, regular relaxation or sports massages, regular osteopathic treatments, amazing holidays or just great days out. It got me thinking about what I could do for me. So I went to a CONTROL workshop, started reading books, started doing pilates, getting my eye lashes done and started making appointments with myself e.g. gym, reading, bath, meal prep also learning to respond to questions about weekend plans as “planning to do nothing”!

So the more I have learnt from being kind to myself, the more I have learnt to like myself. Speaking and acting kindly to myself has bought up the battles of feelings and pressures such as “lazy” “slacker” “am I earning enough money?” “I am achieving? “Am i busy enough?”

This brought me to a fork in the metaphorical road as it does to all who put pressure on ourselves, breed anxieties or put negative judgement onto ourselves- Do I pressure myself into a tiny cave of gloom? or do I give myself and encourage space to create and breed confidence and kindness?

I took a big step, one that didn’t feel natural and chose confidence. I reminded myself all the things I know about myself to be true and acted on them.

So if you’re feeling like this to and you’re finding yourself at that fork in the “confidence and kindness to yourself” road, here’s somethings to put into practice:

  1. Try writing a list of all the things you know to be true about yourself. E.g. I AM…..
  2. Now, make sure they are positive opinions(Even the negative ones they can always be flipped on their head!!)
  3. Say them aloud to yourself
  4. Reaffirm them
  5. Repeat as often as you need!



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