What limits are making an ass out of you?

We all have reasons why we can’t do things.

Do you notice when you want to decide to start making changes in your life something in your mind says no or it feels like everything’s getting in the way?

You might start saying things like “I don’t have time” “I’m not a priority right now” or thinking “maybe i’m just not ready” “I’m not confident” or “brave enough” “what if they don’t like me?”

You might even be aware of a sensation in your body or head that makes it feel uncomfortable to imagine yourself being any different to how you are now.

Now unclench your jaw, breathe and keep  reading!

These are all assumptions or beliefs we create to keep us safe. We all know where “ASSUMING” gets us? Safe but miserable.

Are these making an ass out of you? Limiting you? Unhappy?

If you didn’t have these assumptions how would you feel? What would make you happy? What would you be able to do? It can almost make us laugh and cry when we say the reasons out loud or write them down. Some of us don’t even feel we can write them down, it really makes us feel “ugh” this is awkward.

We constantly change and grow, by making ourselves more consciously aware of what these assumptions or limiting beliefs are we can start to change before we know it! Our brains are really good at scrapping and letting go of stuff it now deems to be clutter that is unhelpful, taking up valuable space just like your very own Marie Kondo!

So try and think of one, repeat it for a week, a new one every day. We really are like onions!  See how much more space you have up there in your head. We can then make space for new resources, more energy and more of what you would like to have in there.

If even reading this is making you feel more uncomfortable. It is possible and it is a great way to start a change for yourself. Even if this starts as a thought.

It’s not selfish, it’s self care 🙂



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