Are you Hinching or Hiding?

This might sound like a bizarre question (especially if you have no idea what I’m talking about- Mrs Hinch is a woman who has found anxiety relief and management by cleaning and organising. She shares her life, tips and routines with the world via Instagram. She has found an amazingly relatable way for people to manage their anxiety. Which as we know is everywhere these days.)

I need to start out with this; I love Mrs Hinch. I love This Girl Can Organise and the whole Marie Kondo way of life. I love the idea of it.

But it all feels a bit overwhelming at first. The more I watched them to start with the more I questioned the way I was doing things.

Which is the whole idea right???

I went away with the girls a few weekends ago and we all talked about her excitedly, comparing Zoflora’s, Minky sourcing and how nice her house is. We then went on to talk about our lives and it got me thinking about “Hinching” or cleaning and organising and what it does to and for our minds.

Anyone reading this who has known me since childhood would laugh and say “You? Cleaning? Being Organised?” My sister and I have always been my mums Myers Briggs spectrum examples for opposing personality types-

Growing up her wardrobe was colour coordinated and pristine, mine was a floordrobe of chaos. I prefer to call it organised chaos.

Marie Kondo would die to get her hands on it. The way I enjoy helping others find order of a disorganised mind or a cluttered body.

Since finding order in my house, my wardrobe it actually has created space in my life and my mind. Its actually super satisfying.

The science here is that by doing something good and feeling a sense of completion it fills our brain and our blood stream with some lovely happy hormones!

However in the back of my mind a flag went up.

Once, I started enjoying cleaning I caught myself only being motivated by that at times, which is great who doesn’t want a lovely, clean, fresh smelling house?

Looking at my house and the list of things that needed doing I started feeling overwhelmed. About everything. Even the non cleaning and organising things.

In every house I’ve lived in I have realised my spare room (which i always refer to has the “dumping ground” or the “Monica Cupboard”, I mean this mentally, physically, emotionally…we all have this room or cupboard in our houses) had become a mountain of clean clothes. It tends to become a solace of avoidance.

More recently I have found myself sitting in this “Hinched” house but it didn’t stop what was going on inside my head. I had run out of things to clean too!

Once I got ontop of the house, I realised by keeping up the house in small parts and little jobs each day I became more in control and less overwhelmed of lots of other aspects of my life. I created space.

In some ways more space to think about everything my cleaning had been nicely avoiding. I allowed time for my subconscious mind to get louder- any worries I had or ‘why did you do that?’ would appear. Which can then restart the cycle again. I wasn’t in control of that part!

Which is strangely exactly how I work using the CONTROL System too. Instead of a house I work on a mind. With Osteopathy I ‘spring clean’ and reorganise the body.

Mrs Hinch has created something amazing that so many people can resonate with. The best part is she’s real and human like the rest of us too! But we can’t keep polishing avoidance.

So if any of these processes are making you feel better about a situation or just generally improving your life; make sure you are still doing something about whatever it was to start with.

We are all really good at pushing down our problems and piling on lots of lovely strategies to avoid it but it won’t make it go away. Sometimes we’ve been so good at doing it. We can’t even remember why or what caused it to start.

So give this a try:

After you have used the strategy that works for you e.g cleaning, walking the dog, organising, working out, napping etc. Set aside 10 minutes.

Step 1. Make sure you write. Journal, list, map out what the situation is and why these other things help the way you feel about it.

Step 2. is to write about how you would prefer to feel about what it is. Then put down the reasons or barriers that have stopped you getting there so far.

Step 3. Take 5 deep breathes. Counting to 4 on the IN and 4 on the OUT.

Step 4. Then repeat next time.

If you find yourself hitting a barrier while doing this. Note that barrier down and ackowledge it. Then decide if it’s a helpful or harmful barrier.

This creates an even better release of good, happy hormones when you repeat the behaviour as each time it builds a memory of clearing from the inside/out.

Therefore allowing you to enjoy all of your hard Hinch work!



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