Do you feel Gu-ILL-t?

Gu-ILL-t is the term I use to describe the way I and us feel and when we really don’t ‘have the time’ or they have an injury that is stopping them from doing what is expected of them.

Typically a cold, the flu, sickness bugs, back pain, neck pain, migraines , pregnancy associated discomfort or needed rest. Also just pure exhaustion from trying to do it all. All the time!

Here are a few tips I like to share when this crops up:

• Guilt is a strange but normal feeling but like everything it too shall pass. Allow it to flow through you and leave. (It will help healing!)

• Remember you have time, you can take it.

• Make a list of what you need to do- try to prioritise what actually ‘has’ to be done in the next 24-48 hours e.g. eating, sleeping, work, picking the kids up, caring for others etc.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we have limited resources of energy & we have demands on it.

• the joy of the word No or even the phrase ‘ no thank you’ this is something that needs nurturing and it needs practise, it will come in handy as you recover, as you heal and as you live.

• This might seem like worst one, ask for some help. Whether that’s a friend, family, work colleagues etc. They might need the same favour one day & also people do actually want to help!

• Speak kindly to yourself. You are not an idiot or rubbish, you did not cause this. You are important.

• Set time limits on what you take time to do. Faffing can become life very easily!

• Rest- whether that’s just sitting with your eyes closed, breathing, napping, Netflix, taking a bath, a gentle walk.

And breathe! Grab yourself a hot drink, get in some comfy clothes, Chuck the telly on or grab a good book and take care of yourself!

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